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Trade 24/7 most famous crypto currencies on CFD’s.


Increase Chances and Reduce Risks

The crypto sphere date of birth is considered to be 2008. It was then, in August, that the bitcoin.org domain was registered, where a description (White Paper) of the cryptocurrency was published after some time. The author of the publication entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” was Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious person who appeared from nowhere and disappeared too nowhere.

Years have passed, but traders and investors are still undecided about their attitude towards crypto assets. Some think that this is a financial pyramid scheme that is bound to collapse. And others prophesy them a great future. The price of one bitcoin in the forecasts of venerable experts varies from 0 to $500,000 or more.

The only indisputable fact is the huge, literally cosmic rate of change in the price of cryptocurrencies. Even the basic ones, such as bitcoin or ethereum, can skyrocket, bringing huge wealth to their owners, and then suddenly fall into the abyss, burying hopes for a prosperous and happy future.

The French say: "He who takes no risks ever gets to drink champagne." This expression also applies to crypto trading. In our case, champagne is a huge, explosive profit. As for the risks, they certainly exist. However, the MGX Brokers trading terms will allow them to be seriously reduced.

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Advantages of Crypto Trading at MGX Brokers

We Not Only Meet Industry Standards, We Exceed Them

No Need to Risk Large Amounts No Need to Risk Large Amounts
No Need to Risk Large Amounts
Thanks to margin trading, you can reduce trading risks seriously and multiply your profits, as you only need 150 USD to open a position of 1 bitcoin in MGX Brokers, 15 USD for 1 Ethereum, 0.3 USD for 1 EOS, and only $0.02 for 1 Ripple
More Opportunities More Opportunities
More Opportunities
No need to be afraid of the crypto market collapse. You do not need to purchase real crypto coins and be afraid that they will fall in price. With simple buy or sell orders you will be able to enter the market and speculate on price change with falling and/or rising crypto market.
Accessible 24/7 Accessible 24/7
Accessible 24/7
No need to think about the workplace and work schedule. The crypto market never sleeps, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Therefore, you can make transactions anywhere and anytime, just taking your smartphone connected to the Internet out of your pocket.
High Volatility High Volatility
High Volatility
Crypto currencies at times have very large market movements. Larger price difference of a crypto coin carry equally risks and opportunities for traders and investors. Crypto currencies become traders’ choice due its high volatile nature.
Time-Tested Cryptocurrencies Time-Tested Cryptocurrencies
Time-Tested Cryptocurrencies
No need to be afraid of crypto scams, pyramid schemes or cheaters, we select only time-tested cryptocurrencies with stable demand and liquidity for trading at MGX Brokers. Therefore, you can be sure that your funds are safe and that you can open and close your trading position at any time and at the current market price.

Contract specifications for Cryptopairs:

Cryptopair Margin for 1 lot (USD) Min. lot size Max. lot size Quote precision Step Swap long&short
btc usd BTCUSD
150 0,01 10 1 digit 0,01 14% year
bnb usd BNBUSD
5 0,01 10 1 digit 0,01 14% year
doge usd DOGEUSD
0,001 100 10000 5 digits 10 14% year
dot usd DOTUSD
0,1 1 1000 3 digits 0,1 14% year
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