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One Platform with Numerous Benefits

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MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal

More Options, Less Risk

There is an old wisdom: you can't put all the eggs in one basket, they can all break at the same time. That is why many traders use different trading strategies when making transactions in financial markets. However, if you carry out all transactions from the same account, it is very difficult to know which one is profitable and which is unprofitable.

To solve this problem, MT4 developers have created MultiTerminal, which is perfect for both traders and signal providers in Copy Trading. This terminal is designed for those who work on several trading accounts at the same time, conducting transactions with a variety of assets, using technical and/or fundamental analysis, opening orders manually or using algorithmic trading, with avariety of volumes and on a variety of time frames.

MT4 MultiTerminal has the same advantages as the standard MetaTrader4 platform, but there are some differences as well. Therefore, after you have downloaded it and before you start working, we strongly recommend that you read the Terminal User Guide carefully.

Why Choose MT4 MultiTerminal?

Its benefits are undeniable

Live monitoring Live monitoring
Live monitoring
Live time price feed, monitoring of market dynamics with help of detailed chartsand charting tools.
Partners choice Partners choice
Partners choice
One of the top platforms that allows easy multiple trading accounts management and perform trading strategy diversification.
Manager multiple trading orders Manager multiple trading orders
Manager multiple trading orders
You can place buy and sell orders, modify orders and close trading order fully or partially.
Manage many accounts at once Manage many accounts at once
Manage many accounts at once
Unlimited number of trading accounts can be managed. Trading orders are distributed along the follower or investor’s accounts, which brings transparency and monitoring of trading activity.
Precise settings Precise settings
Precise settings
You can distribute required volume manually or automatically for each account based on the equity ratio.
Speed and Variety Speed and Variety
Speed and Variety
Large number of trading instrument and crisp execution of trading orders without requotes.

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