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Trade Gold, Silver, Oil and Natural Gas at the most favorable trading conditions with a safe broker.


Global Commodity Exchanges at Your Fingertips

MGX Brokers provides its clients with the opportunity to make CFD trades in leading commodities such as gold, silver and oil.

Gold (XAU) and silver (XAG) are the most common metals in the market. They are priced at the London Metal Exchange and these official prices are used by everyone from Central banks and mining companies to retail traders. Both of these metals are considered safe haven assets that are in high demand, especially during economic and geopolitical crises. Accordingly, at these moments, their price increases.

Energy carriers are among the main levers that affect the market value of precious metals. And the main place among them, of course, is occupied by oil. When making deals with this "black gold" (WTI_OIL and UKOIL.c), it is useful to pay attention to fundamental analysis. Economic cycles, wars and natural disasters, especially in the main regions of oil production and oil consumption, the change of seasons: these factors determine the balance of supply and demand, and, accordingly, the price of oil at any given moment.

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Why Trade Commodities with MGX BROKERS?

Benefits of CFD Commodity Trading at MGX Brokers

Flexible Leverage Flexible Leverage
Flexible Leverage
MGX Brokers will provide you with immediate, automatic and unsecured leverage of up to 1:1000 for gold and silver transactions, and up to 1:10 for oil transactions. Such leverage increases the potential profit many times over, even with a small starting capital.
No Capital Costs No Capital Costs
No Capital Costs
The advantage of CFD trading is that it does not require you to have a product, nor to pay for the cost of its production, transportation, and storage. You only need to have a computer, or a smartphone connected to the Internet and a trading account.
Simplified and Accessible Simplified and Accessible
Simplified and Accessible
If you are trading physical gold, silver or oil, a drop in their price is a disaster for you. But when using Contract For Difference (CFD), this is just another great reason to earn extra profit.
Reduced Risks Reduced Risks
Reduced Risks
Precious metals are protective assets with high liquidity and reliability. This increases the predictability of quotes and enables long-term planning.
Fast Execution Speed Fast Execution Speed
Fast Execution Speed
MGX Brokers provides fast and reliable execution of your trading orders that helps to make fast and calculated decisions on demand.
Available on Your Mobile Available on Your Mobile
Available on Your Mobile
Never been so simple to trade and diversify investment portfolio comparing to classic purchase of commodities trading. Just login, pick a trading asset and trade.

Contract specifications for
Metals & Commodities:

Symbol Swap Long Swap Short Min. Spread Typical Spread 1 Lot value
xau usd XAUUSD -0,39 -0,09 0,8 2,9 100 oz. tr.
xag usd XAGUSD -0,09 0 1,2 1,6 1000 oz. tr.
Symbols Name Currency Contract
Leverage Swap Long Swap Short
usd UKOIL.c Crude Oil Brent Cash usd 10 1 1000 0,005% 1:10 -0,0273 -0,767
xag WTI_OIL West Taxes Crude Oil usd 10 1 1000 0,005% 1:05 -1,521 -0,65
xag XNGUSD Natural Gas usd 10000 0,01 50 0,005% 1:05 -2 -45

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